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On board game PROFI-T-ABILITY...

PROFI-T-ABILITY is Hungary’s first logistics board game created by some dedicated and enthusiastic members of Logistics Management Club of Large Companies. Thanks to its set-up and style PROFI-T-ABILITY is a unique board game on the market, but even more than that. The inventors have created a platform facilitating experience-based contacts between companies, educational institutions and students. The talents of the future can familiarize themselves with different industries in an informal manner and get an insight into the everyday operations of large companies in Hungary. It is important to highlight that the game does not only develop logistics skills, but stimulates financial, economic and strategic thinking irrespective of age. The creators advertised a bigger national school championship with the students of vocational centres attending as early as in the year of the game’s appearance and a total of HUF2,000,000 in prize money. In addition to talent promotion, the contest addresses employers, as well, by enabling them to build contacts with future employees in an unusual environment. Besides, it involves an extraordinary opportunity for sponsors in terms of CSR, Employer Branding, and branding.
In addition to all that, the game is well suited for team building training sessions and serves as a unique present in an exclusive form with a logo.
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Rule of the game

The video attached here presents the rules and the progress of the game with illustrative examples.



Developers’ team

More than 5 years ago, at the annual conference of Large Companies’ Logistics Management, it was Zoltán Szabó Club’s President and Norbert Bíró, founding club member, who raised the idea of the board game; they revisited the earlier concept in 2020 and the game’s development saw its beginning. This was when Tamás Fábián and Levente Szász Club members joined the project. A several months’ development process commenced through the creation of a number of prototypes, with the first version created by the end of the year. The creative process did not end then, however, yet another half a year’s phase started with Attila Bukta, creative professional, joining the team. The game had polished and purified further before gaining its present form.
Our mission:
Our mission is to present the beauty of logistics to the highest possible number of youngsters and help them get closer to our beloved trade.
After hundreds of test games, it can already be said that we have managed to create a game that presents the beauty of the trade irrespective of age. And all this in a real environment that fully maps our today’s unpredictable market environment.

Szabó Zoltán

Board game mastermind

Biró Norbert

Mastermind, Game Lord

Fábián Tamás

Sales - Marketing

Szász Levente

Sales - Marketing

Bukta Attila

Creative and graphic

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Should you have any questions in connection with the game or some rule happen to appear dim, first have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!


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